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Ways to Smell and Look your Best Poolside

The summertime is full of joy and excitement. As the weather changes, your wardrobe and fragrances soon follow. Leave the thick, warm sweaters out and bring the lightweight, bright-coloured shirts in. Summertime heat also welcomes the occasional pool party, beach day and general fun in the ever-so-hot sun. 

To be prepared for these scenarios, you are going to need two things. A killer swimsuit and a showstopping fragrance that is suitable for the extreme weather. The swimsuit can be handled very easily. But, takes someone who knows the ins and outs of their body to find the perfect one.

For starters, the length of your bathing suit is important. I’m sorry Jeremy but wearing a Speedo out in public might not be the best look for everyone. Finding the perfect length is all about your comfort levels. Some may feel comfortable wearing a speedo, whilst others want their swimsuit to cover their knees.

Man holding a surfboard, wearing a swimsuit on the beach
Photographed by Tyler Nix

An easy, general rule of thumb is to have your swimsuit sit about 3 fingers above the knee. Take your pointer, middle and index finger and place them horizontally above your knee. Wherever your pointer finger ends is where your swimsuit bottoms should end! This allows you to show off those quad muscles that you’ve worked so hard to sport, plus you’re able to tan your legs a tad. 

The next step is colour, pattern and brand. Generally, designer swimsuits are not worth the money as the quality does not match the price tag that designers attach to them. Focusing on colours and patterns that suit you and your personality, in tandem with the fit, are the main aspects to focus on. 

To stand out wherever you are, bright-coloured swimsuits are the way to go. You’ll stand out, draw attention and could possibly lead to conversation. For people who don’t want to take a more subtle approach, darker colours such as navy, burgundy and olive are very appealing. 

Pairing these swimsuits with fragrances should be fairly straightforward. But, warm weather can force fragrances to act erratically and project or dilute notes. To combat the extreme changes, we want to focus on three categories of notes which are Citrus, aquatic or clean.

Oranges on the vine in a beautiful garden
Photographed by Elisa Stone

Citrus scents tend to derive from Grapefruit, Lemon and Mandarin Orange. Since its release, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Forever has given its older brother a run for its money. The scent differentiates in its secondary use of citrus. Intense opts for Mandarin whilst Forever sticks with a classic Bergamot. From there, the two scents are derived different variations of thick, Musk notes and aquatic florals.

Dolce and Gabbana fragrance underwater. Light Blue Forever
Taken from Advertisement on Sephora

Both of those D&G scents are summer kings but for those who want to break the bank, head over to Tom Ford and check out Neroli Portofino and Mandarino di Amalfi. Both of these scents come in Acqua variants but the originals are the best from the line. These scents focus on taking Citrus notes and transporting the wearer around the world.

Mandarino di Amalfi focuses on summer nights along the Amalfi coast, where the scent of orange and freshwater are prevalent. This fragrance tells a story for the person wearing it and the people around you. Neroli Portofino’s focal point is its use of many different Citrus notes, creating a palette that is unique to everyone. Some may catch the Mandarin, whilst other smell Bitter Oranges or Bergamot. 

The coast of Amalfi in Italy with houses, buildings, boats and water pictured
Photographed by Tom Podmore

Within the same vein, aquatic scents are a neat alternative to Citrus based scents. They focus on Salt Water and Florals to project scent through heat. A new release from Nautica called Oceans EDT is sure to do the trick. With only two notes, Sea Salt Accord and Amberwood, this scent is the template of all great aquatic fragrances. Oceans EDT is a superstar of a summer scent and should be your go-to, dumb-reach summer scent.

The third option for the high heat and swimsuit is a fresh and clean shower gel scent. Dior Sauvage, YSL Y EDP and Versace Dylan Blue probably stand out when shower gel is mentioned. But, a clean and underrated alternative is the original Prada Luna Rossa.

The flankers Carbon, Black and Sport are very good for different reasons. But, the original Luna Rossa plays to cleaner, fresher notes which are a bit lacklustre in the other variants. The notes of Bitter Orange and Lavender play very well with Ambroxan and Musk. 

This fragrance was created to combat Sauvage and its popularity. Although the flankers have done a better job as a head-on comparison, the original has proven to be the perfect, dumb reach scent. Beware, as this scent does not perform as well as its competitors. So be sure to carry an atomizer for re-application after swimming or being exposed to the heat. 

Choosing fragrances for the summer is now an easy task! Making sure your swimsuit and scent compliment your appearance and personality is the number one rule. Choose wisely and enjoy your summer!

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