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Welcome Back Gaultier 2: A Glorious Return to Roots

Jean Paul Gaultier has announced the return of its iconic fragrance Gaultier 2.

In February 2022, Jean Paul Gaultier launched a poll to vote for the return of either one of two of their iconic fragrances. The poll had the fans choose between Gaultier 2 and Ma dame. The former received 60% of the total votes. So, Jean Paul Gaultier re-launched Gaultier 2 under a new campaign with a new twist to the fragrance.

“To make the pleasure last, what better way than to rekindle your memories. Relive a thousand and one stories that couldn’t have happened without Gaultier. We know — because you told us — that you love this perfume passionately, madly, deeply.” Jean Paul Gaultier.

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Unlike the previous edition that was released back in 2005 and created by master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, which featured notes of amber, musk and vanilla, this new edition is described as a woody fragrance with a floral personality featuring a floral top note of Jasmine followed by soft and intense Sandalwood and a woody and Ambery base note of Ambergris.

“A fragrance with sweet and woody notes. It may have a split personality but it’s a perfectly balanced one. Rediscover the alchemy created by these two opposing forces with tenacity and pleasure. Delightfully enveloping and incredibly charismatic, this harmonious fragrance is sure to win you over”

The New Gaultier² is expected to be available on the official website in September 2022 and will arrive in a 100 ml bottle size.

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