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Xerjoff Groove Xcape: The Hills are Alive with the Scent of Music

The brilliant minds at Xerjoff have just revealed their latest contribution to the world of perfumery. The house announced their upcoming fragrance release, Groove Xcape, for both men and women. This new release is the fruit of a powerhouse collaboration between Sergio Momo, the founder of Xerjoff, and Max Casacci, co-founder of Subsonica, the famous, Italian rock band.

This unlikely pairing seems pretty promising and a welcome attempt to integrate two different types of art, music, and perfumery.

Groove Xcape Xerjoff
Groove Xcape Xerjoff

Groove Xcape is an example of how Xerjoff blends cultural and sensory conceptual pleasures, like art, cuisine, architecture and, in our case here, music. This creative endeavor, in itself, is a really innovative move on the part of the house with very promising results.

The fragrance combines the power and spirituality of music with the most refined ingredients used in perfumery, creating an unmatched and out-of-this-world atmosphere.

Groove Xcape Xerjoff

Cascci’s latest musical contribution mirrors those satisfying sounds of the flasks colliding, the swirling of the liquid as well as the hissing of the spray. The track goes hand-in-hand with a plethora of precious notes.


Xerjoff’s Groove Xcape is considered a spicy, floral, and woody fragrance with metallic top notes which include ginger, elemi, pepper, and cardamom, with middle notes of incense, mimosa, and myrrh. The base notes feature labdanum, cedar wood, and benzoin. The composition itself triggers a mystical and bewildering sensation that befits Cascci’s music.


Xerjoff Groove Xcape arrives in the same bottle design as other Xerjoff’s releases, however, this release showcases a unique print that resembles this collaboration. The new fragrance is available on the official website in 50ml bottle size in Parfum concentration.

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