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Xerjoff Naxos and How to Wear it Flawlessly

Since beginning my journey in fragrance, I find myself indulging in Tobacco scents quite frequently. My first big splurge was Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, and since have purchased decants of heavy-hitting Tobacco fragrances. One, in particular, stood out to me. 

Why Xerjoff Naxos is Perfection Encapsulated in a Bottle

Imagine yourself in the streets of Rome. You’re walking through stone alleyways and admiring the architecture that cascades over you. You take a turn and find yourself walking past patio after patio. An aroma of vanilla scone punches you in the face. As you spin around, enjoyable startled, you notice a man sitting alone at a table. 

On his plate is a gourmand, vanilla scone with cinnamon and honey drizzled atop it. To his side, a cigar burns slowly, producing a delectable aroma. Whilst peering his way, you notice lavender plants surrounding him. Off into the distance, lemon and lime trees produce a natural accord. This experience is bottled by Xerjoff and is called Naxos.

Xerjoff Naxos
Xerjoff Naxos

Xerjoff Naxos was created with Mediterranean culture in mind. It features top notes of Lavender, Lemon and Lime. Below is Honey, Cinnamon, Cashmeran and Jasmine. On the base is Tobacco Leaf, Tonka Bean and Vanilla. 

What I enjoy most about this cologne is how fresh the Tobacco is. Some Tobacco driven scents stuff the nose with a thick aroma and make it difficult to enjoy the other notes. Whilst others are combined with artificial or unflattering sweet notes to combat the heavy Tobacco which makes for an unbearable scent.

How to Wear Xerjoff Naxos

Generally speaking, Tobacco scents should be worn in the wintertime as the warmth of the scent is said to be inviting and open. But, the use of fresh citrus and gourmand accords allows this scent to be worn year-round. But, I believe this fragrance was constructed to be worn to evening parties or outdoor clubs.

wearing xerjoff naxos in a party
An outdoor party. The perfect time to break out this outfit!

Xerjoff Naxos screams loafers, trousers and a long sleeve shirt that isn’t worn above the bottom three buttons. Chances are if you’ve purchased a full bottle of Naxos, you’re probably looking to complete this outfit on a budget.

Your first stop is at New Republic where the Allen loafer in leather is your new best friend. New Republic is an immensely affordable brand in terms of quality. Their Kurt leather sneaker has made waves across the fashion scene as a great alternative to Common Projects. 

The leather loafer is top-notch quality and will pair perfectly with your trousers. Speaking of those … shopping for pants can prove to be difficult. Knowing your size across different companies is a trait that only seasoned fashion veterans have.

For pants, sometimes the more basic the better. Check out your local department store for a pair of black trousers. Whether that’s The Hudson Bay, Nordstrom, Saks Off Fifth or even Marshalls, there are designer options for everyone. 

The focus with your pants should be the fit, rather than the brand. When wearing loafers in the summer, socks should not be worn and your pants are meant to fall at just about the ball of your ankle. 

Your last stop is a store that sells a shirt with a roaring design, vivid colours and eccentric patterns. My recommendation would be to check out a vintage or thrift shop. Some of my favourite paisley pieces have been found at thrift stores. Plus, you’re bound to have your eye caught by something that you wouldn’t usually pick out for yourself. 

As you tie your outfit together, grab your favourite accessories. I would probably reach for a thick chain, minimally styled rings and a pair of funky sunglasses. With all of your pieces compiled together, you are bound to give Xerjoff Naxos justice. 

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