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Your Buying Guide to Memo Paris Fragrances: Five Must-own Gems

Making a buying guide for a brand like Memo Paris is not an easy task. The brand has a rich history spanning 15 years with 57 perfumes in its database. I genuinely believe that Memo is one of those very few brands that truly perfected the art of niche perfumery without compromising the aesthetic, quality, and aura of beautiful-smelling perfumes that the brand created.

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Memo Paris Buying Guide

I could go on and on and talk about their massive collection that the brand worked on with some of the industry’s best perfumers, such as Alienor Massanet, Sophie Labbe, Karine Vinchon Spehner and so many others. However, for the sake of a concise list for this article, I want to dive into 5 perfumes that I think are masterfully crafted. Each one of these releases has unique artisanal attributes, evokes endless memories, and gives the wearer profound joy. 

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I will start the list by writing about my utmost favorite perfume from Memo, Lalibela.

Their official site states the following about it:

Memo Paris Lalibela
Memo Paris Lalibela

“A mystical rose -A place of pilgrimage and celebration, located at over 2,500 meters in altitude, the Christian city of Lalibela in Ethiopia is shrouded in mystery. Legend has it that angels came down from heaven to build its twelve churches, hewn from the rock, in a single night, in the 12th century. Lalibela is the scent of joyous fervor. The fragrance included Rose, Frankincense, and Patchouli among its ingredients, its way of prolonging the mystical moment.”

Lalibela to me is a delicious blend of jammy rose, sugared patchouli, nectarine vanilla, and milky smooth coconut. This fragrance shows the duality of being a super potent, attention-seeking floral gourmand, but also an extremely cocooning warm vanilla hug with wafts of nutty orchids and sugary roses. Patchouli in Lalibela is flamboyant and unabashed about its presence, resulting in delightful rose and vanilla.

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The dense coconut adds more layers, enhancing the creamy aspect of the fragrance, and the labdanum slightly intensifies the oriental aspect of the earthy nuance of rose-patchouli combination. Lalibela lasts hours on the skin and fabric with massive projection. The scent leaves a phenomenal scent trail, and you are guaranteed to turn some heads when you wear this beauty.


Memo Paris French Leather

French Leather is a mineral-based, aromatic, and leathery rose with that classic Parisian chic touch. Their official website states the following about it:

“A Rose affair – With its lime and rose essences and its suede accord evoking the inside of a handbag, this scent signs the adventure of a French rose, the one that makes your eyes shine. French leather is a fragrance that hones the senses, as all worthy Parisian women should do.”

French Leather feels like a resurrected, luminous white rose, bathed in crystalline white musk and an elixir of aromatic freshness. The suede adds just the right amount of panache and leathery accent that take the feminine attribute of French leather to a unisex territory. 

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Memo Paris

French leather is a perfect example of everyday versatility and soft evening glam. This is a perfect, all-year-round, airy, soft and elegant rose that smells simple, yet has enough layers that can take you on a wild ride.

The fragrance has moderate projection and decent lasting power but boy dare I say that it’s one of my top 5 favorite fresh rose scents that will forever hold a special place in my heart.


Memo Paris Irish Leather

Memo Paris Irish Leather in my opinion is the most unique and sexiest leather offering from Memo. This is what their website states about it:

“Gallop of the wind -Like a nod to the Irish origins of Memo Paris’ co-founder, this fragrance blends his leather accord with the windy freshness of juniper berries and green mate absolute.”

Irish Leather has an unobtrusive, smoky and aromatic forefront, emerging from the boiling pot of green tea and piney unique green freshness of juniper berries that linger and fill up the entire room. It opens up quite strong with all those fragrant aromatic notes. As it glides through the powdery iris and resinous tonka heart, the fragrance finds itself a completely new aura that oftentimes feels almost hypnotic. The oriental base of amber, in conjunction with birch, renders a smoky smoldering departure as it starts to dry down. 

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Memo Paris Buying Guide

Irish Leather is one of those tea scents that you must wear when you are in the mood to leave an impression. All the other notes of leather, herbs, iris, and tonka add nothing but a seamless harmony and balance. A complex blend that makes you wear it nonstop and demystifies the beauty as you spend significant time with the scent on your skin.


Memo Paris Ocean Leather

Ocean Leather is the holy grail of the most beautiful oceanic perfumes with flare to them. Memo couldn’t have described this artistry better:

“Blue me away – With Ocean Leather, Memo decides to leave the mainland to embark on a major destination, an infinitely blue one, the ocean, and sets off in search of a majestic cetacean, a mythical animal that has inspired literature and now the imagination of a perfume. Ocean Leather transports you in its current, its wake, and its movement. An oceanic freshness given by Mandarin Oil and Elemi essence meets the depths of Leather Accord, Vetiver, and Cedar essences.”

Memo Paris Buying Guide
Memo Paris Buying Guide

Ocean Leather is one hell of a vicarious experience on the Mediterranean sea, breezing through the fresh ocean air and feeling the best about life. It opens with a burst of juicy mandarin and an unbelievably realistic and aromatic basil note. The level of rejuvenation is felt at every step of the way of this fragrance as it takes you on its glorious journey. It has an allure of fougere perfumes when the heart emerges on the surface. The savory, aromatic, hazy, soft, and mildly peppery sage makes an impressionable bond with citrusy elemi resin and cedar that oozes good times on the beach.

Ocean Leather’s dry down is all about that classic leathery touch of Memo that never goes into a darker territory, but rather accentuates all the other notes with the right of zeal and pizazz.

The fragrance is quite versatile and has massive projection and great longevity. So, next time you are vacationing on a beach somewhere or anywhere warmer, don’t forget to take it with you. 

Memo Paris Marfa

I could not end this article without talking about one of my favorite white floral scents of all time, Marfa. It is an unorthodox woody and creamy white floral that not only oozes elegance but also promises to make you stand out in a crowd. This is what Memo had to say about it:

The eye of a tuberose – Marfa. A destination with a unique destiny. Its bottle emblazoned with a wide-open eye provides the first clue. Deep in the Texas, Marfa beckons the eye and holds its gaze. Marfa has a power of attraction like no other, like the tuberose Absolute: a bewitching, lingering, unforgettable flower. Marfa evokes the singular nature of this white-hot land.”

Memo Paris
Memo Paris

The tuberose at its core is one of the finest. The top note of orange blossom opens the door of the omnipresent wafts of condensed tuberose and creamiest ylang with an undercurrent of green and woody agave note. The fragrance deepens as the tuberose smears its magic through each vein and leaves no unscented territory even for a moment. 

The base is about that scrumptious woody vanilla and comforting sandalwood that gets even better as the scent leaves a woody floral creamy trace on the skin. This is a beautiful white floral with a great projection and moderate performance and finally, a gigantic compliment magnet. 

Which Fragrance from Memo Paris you prefer the most? Let us know on the comments section below.