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YSL Libre Le Parfum Review: A Scent Fit for Autumn

The most beautiful season of the year is upon us. With the changing colours of leaves, cool breeze, the crunching sound of the dry leaves underneath your feet, and the bare and fragile branches, you are greeted with a spectacular change in the landscape around you. September 22nd is the official day of the start of the season, and “Autumnal Equinox” is something I look forward to throughout the year. Not only is it the season of colours and vibrancy, but it’s also the time to pull out my favourite fragrances that both comfort and satisfy my olfactive needs from different subcategories of the amber fragrance family.

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YSL Libre Le Parfum

This year has been a solid year for designer fragrances. We have seen and experienced some significant releases that we were looking up to, and my heart leaps up with joy whenever a designer fragrance release draws a smile on my face.

Libre Le Parfum Review
Libre Le Parfum Review

Yves Saint Laurent and its Libre line have undoubtedly garnered lots of love and appreciation since its first Libre release, back in 2019. When Libre Intense was released in 2020, I was utterly in love with that warm, cozy, aromatic, and vanillic elixir. I was eagerly awaiting the Le Parfum version, and when I got to smell it, I could not be more smitten!

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YSL Libre Le Parfum Review

Libre Le Parfum is an amber and floral fragrance composed by Anne Flippo and Carlos Benaim. It is a stunning and complex blend of creamy and soothing lavender, voluptuous sweet orange blossom, and warm honey anchored with the most delicious and comforting bourbon vanilla. The fragrance resembles the intense version with a more floral nuance and semi-sweet spicy touch on top of the ginger note.

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YSL Libre Le Parfum Review

As a fan of aromatic vanilla fragrances, I always look for something that allows you to experience a wholesome journey with its multi-faceted twists and turns. You are immediately drawn towards the captivating visual treat when you look at the juice’s colour. Further down the line, you begin to smell a scent that is salubrious and sultry that divulges its actual facets as it simmers down on your skin.

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YSL Libre Le Parfum Review

The opening of Ginger, Saffron and Mandarin gives the composition a bright, spicy, and suave edge. The heart of Lavender welcomes a semi-spicy and zesty top and embraces the bright floral tone of Orange blossom. From here on onwards, it oozes the feminine elegance and gets better as the nuances unfold.

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YSL Libre Le Parfum Review

Scrumptious Bourbon Vanilla and Tonka dominate the dry down, supported by Honey and Vetiver. Towards the end, the fragrance settles down to a bold yet beautifully balanced feminine mix of aromatic calmness, ambery depth, and white florals thrown in hefty measure.

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YSL Libre Le Parfum Review

This is one of those worthwhile florals that will beautifully rest your skin, or a cashmere scarf and cozy knitted sweaters. It comes with a bold projection and outstanding longevity in colder months. I guarantee you a plethora of compliments coming your way whenever you wear this fragrance and dress up accordingly. This was my experience with the intense version, and I cannot wait to give it as much attention and love as needed during this season.

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