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YSL Rouge Velours Full Review: The Embodiment of Passion

A plush, woven, red rose, laced with earthy velvety patchouli, powder-soft iris, and a splash of ice-cool white tea are what makes Rouge Velours by Yves Saint Laurent a representation of the dazzling and unflinching beauty of a woman in a beautiful couture gown. It is befitting a woman who expresses herself at her most passionate moments and embodies the true essence of the fragrance with panache as she wears her on her bare skin.

Rouge Velours Yves Saint Laurent
Rouge Velours Yves Saint Laurent

This fragrance is love at first sniff. It completely stole my heart seconds into trying it here in Holtrenfew, Toronto.  I have kept myself from adding it to my collection for a year only because I wanted to bring it here home on a special occasion. Lo and behold, I finally owned it towards the very end of last year when I decided to splurge on a beautiful fragrance for my birthday.

The entire LE VESTIAIRE line is blessed with some masterfully crafted perfumes created by some of the industry’s best. So emphatically, I did not expect anything less when I got a chance to smell this rosy tincture. I closed my eyes upon inhaling a breath of alluring and untamed rosy air, and it was truly remarkable

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YSL Rouge Velours

The fragrance opens quite fresh, almost translucent, and glistening. White tea contributes a lot to the luminosity aspect of the fragrance, in addition to the most beautiful slightly herbal, and iridescent, pink pepper accord. As you are just getting used to this aromatic brightness, more magic is unveiled as the rose petals start to bloom and enhance the smell on your skin. The aura continues and gets better and brighter as it levitates the graceful and powdery heart of the iris.

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The heart is perfectly accentuated with an ephemeral stay of sparkling green Jasmin, but the rose adds a lot more frill and flair once it fully bloomed and ready to divulge its resplendent beauty, which not only feels eminently salubrious, but almost enchanting. Patchouli compliments the rose in such a charming way that one has to smell a thousand other complicated rose-patchouli-based fragrances before appreciating a warm-hearted bond that the duo has to offer in Rouge Velours which is simply beautiful in all honesty.

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The note of patchouli here is a clean, crisp patchouli that doesn’t smell overly earthy but helps to render a sweet red rose and heavenly canvas. Finally, vetiver injects its charm and the skin-like musk holds it up, leading up to a shimmering and rosy bubble that feels overwhelmingly good but never enough.

Wearing Rouge Velours is bound to take you on a sensorial journey. I have to stress two factors before I recommend you to try this fragrance. The first thing is that you must love your rose and be open to a conceptual concoction of an effortlessly chic and couture-like rose. The second thing is the intent of wearing something simple but flawlessly beautiful. That’s the beauty of a well-structured rose and that’s Rouge Velours for you.

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Performance and projection are unmatched indeed. It’s a scent that kind of pushes me to want to save up and buy a couture garment to match its perfection. I hope that one day, that dream comes true. Until then, I will style her with some of the beautiful pieces in my wardrobe that are befitting Rouge Velours’ glamorous interior and exterior.

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