Yves Saint Laurent Cuir new fragrance for men and women
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Yves Saint Laurent Le Vestiare Cuir : A New Take on an Old Fragrance

Yves Saint Laurent has released a new version of Cuir for its Le Vestiare collection. The previous release from 2016 seems to be an entirely different scent, so don’t get caught in the fanaticism that has taken over fragcomm into thinking this is the same. However, that doesn’t mean that this release is any less special.

Yves Saint Laurent Cuir new fragrance for men and women

As another Middle Eastern exclusive, Cuir embodies a blackened richness that is evident in many scents from the region. A leathery accord, with a hue that mimics the void night, with a sensual shadow of exoticness joins the fragrance, which is then bolstered by violet, with it greenery in lay. It mentions a spicy note in the marketing, but it doesn’t quite allude to what it is.

Yves Saint Laurent Cuir new fragrance for men and women

Violet is a material that is commonly used in leather scents, but one must wonder if this is a petrol leaning one from the Dior Fahrenheit days, or if it would be a cleaner and ozonic one. I am betting on the former, considering the scent’s composition.

I feel like French brands feel like they have to put oud in Middle Eastern releases to make appeal to the crowd, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While oud still have a heavy cultural significance in the central part of the world, I feel like they do not have to use oud, amber, resins, or leather in every Middle East exclusive. What is up with brands and producing Middle East exclusives in the first place? We love rich scents in the west as well. You are missing out on more money here, YSL.

YSL CUIR OUD new fragrance for women and men

“Cuir explores a dark & intense oud with real volume. The suede accord embraces the generous ample & opulent shape of the wood. “ – Fabrice Pellegrin, Master Perfumer

The bottle comes in an admittedly less interesting bottle that matches the Le Verstiare line, with a brown liquid showcased within. However, I do not feel like this illustrates the scent well, and the bottle itself is minimalistic and dull. The other Cuir bottle is much more interesting. It is available in a 125ml size costing 1155 AED, which is around 315 USD.